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S.S.A. Sporting Goods (hereinafter 'S.S.A. Archery', 'we', or 'us') uses cookies and similar technologies on its website. With this cookie policy, we'd like to inform you as a visitor about how we use cookies on our website. This cookie policy applies to the website of S.S.A. Archery with URL and its subdomains.

In addition to this cookie policy, S.S.A. Archery also has a privacy policy available, of which this cookie policy is an integral part and which you can consult here. In this privacy policy, we clarify (1) what personal data we can collect through using cookies, (2) the legal grounds for using cookies, and (3) the general purposes of our use of cookies. To access this and other information about the processing of your personal data in general and your associated rights, please refer to this privacy policy.

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are small information files that the internet browser places on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website, or when you use a(n) (mobile) application. They help a website remember information. Thanks to cookies, our website can easily keep track of specific information about our visitors and their navigation behaviour. The term 'cookies' also includes technologies that are similar to cookies, such as pixels, plug-ins and certain scripts, as these may also collect data from you.

Cookies may be placed by S.S.A. Archery itself ('first-party cookies') or third parties ('third-party cookies'). Third-party cookies ensure that certain data is forwarded to the third party that placed the cookies when you visited or used our website.

Cookies are sometimes placed temporarily ('session cookies', which are deleted when you close the browser), and sometimes placed permanently ('persistent cookies', which remain until they expire, or you delete them).

3. What cookies require my consent, and how can I give it?

S.S.A. Archery distinguishes the following types of cookies when allowing users to visit its website: (1) strictly necessary cookies, (2) analytical cookies, and (3) marketing cookies.

Strictly necessary cookies do not require your consent as a visitor. They are necessary for our website to work properly, or, where relevant, to provide you with services that you have expressly requested. That means you cannot refuse these cookies.

Before we place any other cookies on your device, we ask for your prior consent via our cookie banner. By clicking 'Accept all', you agree with the use of cookies on our website to provide you with the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. However, you can adjust your 'cookie settings' to limit your consent. In addition, you can click 'Reject all' to indicate you do not agree to the use of cookies on our website. You can fully or partially withdraw your consent for the use of these additional cookies at any time. Find out more on how to do this specifically in section 5.

4. What cookies does S.S.A. Archery use?

As mentioned above, S.S.A. Archery uses the following types of cookies: (1) strictly necessary cookies, (2) analytical cookies, and (3) marketing cookies.

Below, we have provided a general description of these three types of cookies.

Under each type of cookie, we have also provided a list of the specific cookies activated on our website that fall under the category in question, together with their specific purposes and technical characteristics.

  • 4.1 Strictly necessary cookies
Strictly necessary cookies include technically essential cookies on the one hand, and functional cookies on the other.

Technically essential cookies are necessary for purely technical reasons. They allow your device and our website to communicate.

Functional cookies ensure that the basic functionalities of our website work properly. These cookies are only placed after you as a visitor have taken a certain action on our website (such as clicking the accept button on the cookie banner).

You cannot refuse the use of technically essential and functional cookies because they are necessary for the security of our website and making sure its basic functionalities work properly. In any case, these cookies are only stored on your device to perform the functions mentioned above, so their impact on your privacy is minimal.

.ASPXAUTH_SSFirst-party cookieSession or 30 daysThis cookie contains the highly coded ID of the authenticated website visitor for logging in to the dealer e-store. If the website visitor checks 'Remember me' when logging in, this cookie remains on the visitor's device for 30 days. This saves the visitor from having to re-enter their login details on subsequent visits to the dealer e-store during this period.
.ASPXAUTH_SS_sFirst-party cookieSession or 30 days
__RequestVerificationTokenFirst-party cookieSessionPreventing cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks.
_abcklist-manage.com1 yearDetecting replay attacks and defending the website against them. This cookie is necessary for the security and integrity of the website.
bm_szlist-manage.com1 dayDetecting, categorising, and compiling reports on potential bots trying to access the website. Is used in conjunction with the website's BotManager.
cb-enabledFirst-party cookie1 yearRegistering that the visitor has taken note of the cookie banner, so that the banner does not appear again on subsequent visits to the website during the period for which the cookie is placed.
LanguageIdFirst-party cookie2,914,158 daysThe language cookie stores the identifier of the language selected by the user in the e-store. On subsequent visits by the user, the e-store will open in the previously selected language.
LastViewedProductsFirst-party cookieSessionThis cookie is used to store information about the last viewed products which are shown at the bottom of the product and product list pages. The cookie is deleted when a user closes their web browser.

  • 4.2 Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies enable us to learn more about how you as a visitor interact with and respond to the content of our website. This information allows us to make our website even more attractive. The information in question is used to create and analyse aggregate statistics about the use of our website.

_gaFirst-party cookie2 yearsProviding statistics to S.S.A. Archery about who visits the website and how, including the number of unique visitors: how visitors arrive at the website, the pages visited, the browsers used, and the locations which led visitors to the website. This service is provided to S.S.A. Archery by Google Analytics.
_gidFirst-party cookie1 day
_gatFirst-party cookie1 min
_hjidFirst-party cookie1 yearAssigning a unique ID to the website visitor's session. The aim is to obtain data about this visitor's behaviour for statistical purposes (including 'heatmaps' that provide insight into the visitor's navigation behaviour on the website). This service is provided to S.S.A. Archery by Hotjar.
_hjidFirst-party cookiePermanent
_hjFirstSeenFirst-party cookie1 dayChecking whether the website visitor has visited the website before or is a new visitor.
_hjAbsoluteSessionInProgressFirst-party cookie1 dayMeasuring the number of unique visits to the website by assigning an ID to the visitor, so that each website visitor is not counted more than once.
_hjIncludedInPageviewSampleFirst-party cookie1 dayDetermining whether the website visitor's navigation should be recorded in a temporary data sample.
_hjTLDTestFirst-party cookieSessionRegistering statistical data on website visitor behaviour by S.S.A. Archery, so that internal analyses can be performed.

4.3 Marketing cookies
Marketing cookies mean advertising, tracking, and social media cookies. This category of cookies mainly includes cookies for displaying advertisements, implementing functions on our website provided by social media, and measuring how often these advertisements and functions are respectively displayed and used. This category includes the cookies that ensure you can be shown advertisements from S.S.A. Archery on social networks you use after visiting our website.

NameDomainExpiry datePurpose

First-party cookie

SessionTracking the visitor across different marketing channels and devices.
IDEDoubleClick.net13 monthsAllowing DoubleClick to build a profile of the visitor as a result of their navigation behaviour and interactions with advertisements. Based on this profile, the user is shown advertisements that are relevant to them.
test_cookie1 dayChecking whether the visitor's internet browser supports cookies.
CONSENTYouTube.com18 yearsKeeping track of what types of cookies the visitor has accepted on YouTube via the cookie banner.
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE6 monthsEstimating the website visitor's bandwidth on pages of the website with embedded YouTube videos.
YSCSessionAllowing YouTube to track the use of embedded YouTube videos on the website.
yt.innertube::nextIdPermanentRegistering a unique ID to keep statistics about YouTube videos the visitor has already watched.

5. How do I manage my cookie preferences?

An explanation on how you can manage your cookie preferences follows. The strictly necessary cookies listed above under section 4.1 are necessary for our website to work, so they cannot be disabled.

  • 5.1 Via the website
<a class="cky-banner-element">Cookie settings</a> -> HTML BUTTON to display cookie banner
You can change your cookie preferences at any time by clicking the button above. This allows you to revisit the cookie consent banner and change your preferences or withdraw your consent immediately.

The cookie banner will also reappear every 365 days to renew your consent or confirm your refusal.

  • 5.2 Via your browser
You can also adjust your cookie preferences via your browser. This allows you to indicate whether certain cookies may be placed, and you can set the browser to display a message when a cookie is placed. You can also manually delete cookies via the option that allows you to delete your browsing history. You can find more information about this on the pages below, depending on your browser:
Removing or disabling cookies may result in certain applications of our website and additional services not working properly.

6. Amendments

We reserve the right to unilaterally amend our cookie policy at any time. Each amended version will be posted online and can be found on our website. After posting, the amended cookie policy is immediately applicable. If we have implemented new cookies on our website, we will ask for your consent again if necessary. The date on which our cookie policy was last amended can be found at the top of this page.

7. What if I still have questions?

If you still have questions about our cookie policy, you can always contact us via the contact details below:

S.S.A. Sporting Goods NV
John Cordierlaan 15
8400 Ostend

For general information about your rights and the possibility to lodge a complaint with your data protection supervisory authority or to make a claim in the competent court, please refer to the explanations under sections 10 and 11 of our privacy policy.